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Etty Hillesum : Everything is Beautiful

On 9th March 1941 in enemy occupied Holland, a young Dutch Jewish student began a diary that was to become one of the most remarkable documents to emerge from the Nazi Holocaust. The diary – and the letters she subsequently wrote from the transit camp of Westerbork where all the Dutch Jews were sent on their way to the death camps – tells the story of a life being transformed from insecurity and chaos to beauty and self-giving.

The class will explore Etty Hillesum’s journey of transformation, how it began through her relationship with a Jungian psychotherapist, and how a contemplative spirituality emerged in her of such depth and power that in the transit camp she became a luminous figure, alive and hopeful and, amidst so much despair and death, able to see clearly.


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πŸ–₯ 90 minute Masterclass

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What People Are Saying:

Astonishingly beautiful. Outstanding.

Tammy L.

I attended the Women Mystics School these past twelve months and I cannot explain how much that enriched my life. It was not just the knowledge gained by each class but the deepening of my spirit and the manifestation of that in real time. It has indeed centered me even more so, has made my path wider, finding others on my same path who seek and find. For this, I am abundantly grateful.

Maryann F.

Kelly, the class yesterday was smashing! And I'm looking forward to listening to the recording again and again. Thank you for making this available. I also greatly enjoyed your short classes on mystics. I learned a LOT!!

Barbara D.

Thank you Kelly for all these wonderful gifts. I’m loving the course – it is so rich in wisdom, nourishment and support. Blessings on you and all involved in your work!

Yvonne P.