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Mary, Mother of Longing Masterclass

Ancient writers called Mary an open vessel of longing.

What can Mary teach us about our own seasons of longing? About our restless yearnings? About our desire for divine union?

Come learn what it means to be a contemplative from the divine mother! Using an ancient icon, a Marian litany, storytelling, and more, this masterclass will have you listening at the feet of She Who Is More Spacious Than The Heavens.

You'll receive:

  • A 60 min Masterclass by Spiritual Wanderlust founder (and former nun) Kelly Deutsch

  • A Guided Visio Divina spiritual practice

  • A Downloadable Spiritual Exercise

  •  Private Course Chat

  •  Feminine Meditation Practice

  • Lifetime access to all course materials!


Learn from the Sacred Mother how to open your deepest longings to the Holy.