The Seeker's Guide to Mysticism

Curious about mysticism and the contemplative life?

Course includes:
✔ What is Mysticism?
✔ How do I Become a Mystic?
✔ Meditation vs. Contemplation
✔ How do you Pray Contemplative Prayer? (with demo)
✔ Am I a Mystic? 6 Signs You Might Be


What People Are Saying:

Thank you Kelly for all those wonderful gifts sent in your email. I’m loving the Course – it is so rich in wisdom, nourishment and support. Blessings on you and all involved in your ministry.

Yvonne Parker

Kelly, the class yesterday was smashing! And I'm looking forward to listening to the recording again and again. Thank you for making this available. I also greatly enjoyed your short classes on mystics. I learned a LOT. This email was very helpful. I liked the graphic which showed exactly what we are to click on for the recording.

Barbàra Daŕlinģ

Thank you for your response and keep up the great work. I am going to listen tomorrow to the recording from today to see if I can pay better attention to our speak

Deborah Bryson