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Why does the Celtic world captivate us so?

It seems to tease us, like the mist that swirls on the edge of the sea.


Beckoning, with ancient wisdom, to consider a more unified life.

If you’re here, you’re probably one of us who are just done with plastic, surface level living.

Feeling disconnected from ourselves, our bodies, the earth, and each other has launched us on a search for so. much. more.

The good news is–we don’t have to look for anything new.

While your social media feed is filled with guarantees of enlightenment, cutting edge technologies, and life hacks, the truth is, millions of our ancestors were experts in this search.

They can serve as guides for us in our disconnected lives, walking with us as soul friends, leading us down the paths that led them to divine union–and wholeness.

The Christian Celts are some of these wise guides. 

Their lives may seem like a dream to us: 


Imagine a time when the divine spark was recognized (and revered!) in every creature.


When monks and lay people shared hearth and home. 

When wanderlust fueled journeys into unknown waters,


And foreign people were held with curiosity and honor.

 A time when mysticism mothered morals,


And when feminine strength was welcomed and assumed.


When thin spaces–places where the veil between heaven and earth seemed to be drawn back–were everywhere, from sacred sites to sacred thresholds in life.


When prayer was much more expansive, embracing song and color and movement and verse as equally important ways of connecting with divine Mystery.

When oak trees and kindling fires and baking bread were part of their daily liturgies.


When the Spirit - often portrayed as the wily Wild Goose - roamed free, untamed.

 Would you like to immerse yourself in their stream? 



 World Renowned Experts

John Philip Newell

Celtic Spiritual Teacher and author of Sacred Earth, Sacred Soul

Ilia Delio

Theologian, Scientist, and Franciscan Sister

Esther de Waal

Preeminent Celtic Scholar, Author of The Celtic Way of Prayer

Tessa Bielecki

Hermit & Interspiritual Retreat Leader

Sharon Blackie

Celtic Mythologist &
Award-winning Author of If Women Rose Rooted 

Victoria Loorz

Eco-spiritual director and Author of Wild Church

Nick Mayhew Smith

Environmental Theologian, Host of the BBC Series Britain's Holiest Places

Carl McColman

Contemplative Speaker, Storyteller, and author of The Big Book of Christian Mysticism

Kayleen Asbo

Celtic Teacher, Depth Psychologist, Mythicist, & Musician

Edward Sellner

Spiritual Mentor, Teacher, and Author of The Celtic Soul Friend 

Kelly Deutsch

Contemplative Teacher & Bestselling Author of Spiritual Wanderlust

Rita Minehan

Keeper of the Flame of St. Brigid, Author & Psychotherapist 

Phil O Shea

Keeper of the Flame of St. Brigid, Spiritual Director, & Teacher


These hybrid classes will be streamed on a monthly basis.

FEB 10

Celtic Wholeness

East & West, Head & Heart, Male & Female, Solitude & Community

with Kayleen Asbo


Celtic Prayer  

Ritual, Rhythm, and Contemplation

with Esther de Waal

APR 13

Celtic Friendship  

Anamchara, Hospitality, and Vulnerability

with Edward Sellner


Celtic Communities

Monks, Foreigners, and Eastern Roots 

with Carl McColman


Celtic Mysticism 

Thin Spaces, the Wild Goose, and Listening for the Heartbeat of God

with Kelly Deutsch


Celtic Creativity  

Contemplation's Forgotten Mother

with Tessa Bielecki

AUG 10

Celtic Landscape  

Eco-Spirituality: Learning from the Land You're In

with Victoria Loorz

SEP 14

Celtic Streams  

Saint Francis, Teilhard de Chardin, and the Holiness of the World

with Ilia Delio

OCT 12

Celtic Wanderlust  

Pilgrimage and Sacred Ferality

with Nick Mayhew Smith


Celtic & the Jungian Soul  

Dreams, Myth, and the Hero’s Journey

with Sharon Blackie

DEC 14

Celtic Feminine  

Brigid and the Sacred Feminine

with Rita Minnehan and Phil O'Shea

JAN 13

Celtic Imagination  

The Enchantment of the World

with John Philip Newell


What You'll Receive :


No more piecemealing books and podcasts. We've brought together the best speakers and the rich topics you crave!


Attend our in-depth, 90-minute masterclasses each month! Indulge all your curiosities with interactive Q&A at the end.


Our hand-picked experts are not only knowledgeable, but also embody Celtic spirituality.


Discuss the Celtic world and your own spiritual adventures with other kindred spirits! If you choose the "Better" package, you'll be able to join a live small group and connect in the members-only forum.


Watch any time from our Celtic School platform.


Prefer to listen while on the move? All our classes will be available as downloadable audio files.


Receive downloadable PDF files of each class, so you can print, reflect, and deepen your experience.


Hungry to dive deeper? Check out our recommended reading list, so you don’t have to sort through translations and the plethora of authors yourself.


When you enroll, you'll also receive FREE access to our course, the Seeker's Guide to Mysticism.



Conferences featuring just a fraction of what we offer cost $895-$2000. We wanted to make this kind of formation available to everyone - for the price of a monthly dinner out! For those with limited funds, please contact us for scholarship information.

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1:1 Formation



  • 90 minute Monthly Masterclass on a different aspect of Celtic spirituality

  • Recommended Reading

  • Video recording

  • Downloadable audio file for easy listening

  • Downloadable class transcript

  • Renowned Guest Speakers

  • Private Community

  • 1-on-1 Spiritual Direction each month

  • Psycho-Spiritual Maturity Assessment


Kind Words

"Astonishingly beautiful. Outstanding."

Tammy L.

"I cannot explain how much it enriched my life." 

Maryann F.

"I am so overcome, and it is exquisite."

Lisa N.


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Meet the Facilitator


Kelly is the founder and bestselling author of Spiritual Wanderlust and the Co-Director of Contemplative Monk. A former nun, Kelly is passionate about supporting others on the path to divine union. She speaks internationally and writes on the intersection of mysticism, neuroscience, emotional intelligence, and embodiment.

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Celtic Wholeness

 Embracing Head and Heart, Male and Female, East and West, Solitude and Community

Celtic Mysticism

Listening to the Heart of the Beloved

Celtic Friendship

Anamchara, Hospitality, and Vulnerability

Celtic Wanderlust

Pilgrimage and Sacred Ferality

Celtic Imagination

The Enchantment of the World

Celtic Prayer

 Ritual, Rhythm, and Contemplation

Celtic Communities

Monks, Foreigners, and Eastern Roots

Celtic Creativity

Embodying Beauty Together

Celtic Landscape

Swimming in God Anywhere

Celtic Feminine

Our Lady, Brigid, and Hilda

Celtic Streams

Saint Francis, Teilhard de Chardin, and the Holiness of the World

Celtic & the Jungian Soul

Dreams, Myth, and the Hero’s Journey