The Spiritual Wanderlust


The Modern Mystics School

Sit at the feet of 12 modern mystics whose lives overlap with our own. Led by world-renowned contemplative teachers, each month's masterclass will reveal the humanity behind the mystic, and the fresh and timeless wisdom they leave us today.

From Howard Thurman to Simone Weil, Thomas Merton to Mary Oliver, you're sure to make new friends to accompany you on your path through the spiritual wilderness.

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The Women Mystics School


Are you hungry for a more contemplative, embodied, earthy spirituality?

Come learn from the women who lived it best!

Join us for a series of masterclasses on 12 female mystics. Each month, you’ll be invited to learn from a different wise woman: from the classics, like Teresa of Avila, Hildegard of Bingen, and Julian of Norwich–to the lesser-known moderns, like Dorothy Day, Etty Hillesum, and Evelyn Underhill.

Each heart-centered masterclass will be presented by renowned experts, like Fr. Ronald Rolheiser, Christine Valters Paintner, Matthew Fox, and Tessa Bielecki.

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Previously only available as part of our comprehensive Women Mystics School, we have now unbundled the course to offer detailed modules on each of these influential mystics to purchase individually.

The Seeker's Guide to Mysticism

 Have you ever felt curious about mysticism?

💡What exactly is it?
💡Is it the same thing as contemplation?
💡Am I a mystic? How do I become one?

After hearing so many questions about this best-kept secret, we set about creating a FREE course split into bite-sized videos.

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The Celtic Spirituality School

Immerse yourself in ancient Celtic wisdom with our monthly masterclasses! Learn how to live in an enchanted world, where every leaf and song and season sparkled with the sacred. From thin spaces to wanderlust, femininity to friendship, you’ll be steeped in the practices of people that danced their way to divine union.


The Contemplative Summit Library

An online gathering to for Spiritual Explorers--with leading wisdom teachers!

Immerse yourself in fresh insights from 20+ renowned teachers across spiritual traditions. Get lifetime access to an illuminating 15+ hours of sessions on mysticism, embodied practices, divine intimacy, facing life's unknowns, and more.

PLUS, receive an exclusive bonus bundle with free teachings on the Cloud of Unknowing, Islamic mysticism through poetry, the juiciest parts of Christian mysticism, and more


Mary Mother of Longing


Come sit at her feet and learn:

1. Why the Marian stance is the goal of all contemplative practice

2.The Marian teachings hidden in an ancient icon

3. The ancient name for Mary, meaning “more spacious than the heavens”

4.Why Mary serves as a model of theosis, or becoming divine

5. The forgotten mystery at the heart of Christianity that holds up the sacredness of the material: our bodies, the earth, and all things!

6. What the ancient depiction of Mary as “Earth Mother” means for us

7. What our longings (and weaknesses!) reveal about our surprising capacity for the divine!


IFS and Shadow Work

In this transformative course on Internal Family Systems (IFS) and shadow work, you'll dive into the powerful intersection of these two profound modalities. Guided by experts Emily Kerpelman and Kelly Deutsch, you'll go on a journey of radical self-discovery.

Through 6 eye-opening modules, you'll learn how to navigate your inner landscape, work with your nervous system, and integrate the disowned parts of your psyche. Get ready to meet the aspects of yourself that have been begging to be seen and heard.

Whether you're seeking to heal anxiety, cultivate self-acceptance, or simply expand your self-awareness, this course provides the tools and support to help you unlock your inner greatness.

The time has come to stop ignoring those uncomfortable parts of yourself. Join us now and start your journey towards wholeness.