Immerse yourself in the lives of¬†12 MODERN MYSTICS‚Äďwith¬†a world-class masterclass each month!



If you’re here, you’re probably a deep diver.

You’re probably over the idea that life has black and white answers.

Instead, I imagine you’re more interested in Mystery.



If you’re like many of us here, you crave union with the Holy One who leads us into these wide open spaces where freedom is the watchword and intimacy is the goal.   

You’ve searched, meditated, read, podcasted, and served for years, chasing this desire that will not leave you alone. 

What would it mean to be deeply fed?

To feel nourished, filled, alive? 

Thankfully, we are not alone in our desires.

Millions have passed before us, grappling with and riding those very longings as their fuel toward divine union.

You’ve heard of some of them: Teresa of Avila, Hildegard of Bingen, John of the Cross. 

But have you met the cast of 20th century mystics?

There are fierce activists like Simone Weil and Howard Thurman. 

There are oddballs, like the gin-drinking therapist Caryll Houselander or the hermit art-critic Sister Wendy Beckett.

There are interspiritual pioneers, like Thomas Merton and Thich Nhat Hanh and Bede Griffiths (who became a Hindu-Benedictine monk!).

Perhaps you’ve met Nicholas Black Elk, the Lakota Healer who prayed with both pipe and rosary.

Or the beloved Mary Oliver, whose words taught us how to pray like the owls and the trees.

Each of these mystics took their unique path up the mountain.

Each longed for union with the Holy.

From a variety of religions, cultures, and backgrounds, each forged a way in this wild modern world‚Äď

And were drawn into the spacious love that envelops us all. 

Join us to discover the humanity behind each of these larger than life figures--and the urgent spiritual wisdom they offer our age today.

Because in the end, we might learn, as they did, that it‚Äôs less about climbing the mountain‚Äďand more about falling, beginning again, and embracing our need that makes space for the Holy One to dwell within us.

  Want to learn to follow your own desires--all the way to divine union?


Explore a more spacious spirituality.

Get ready for an immersive journey into the lives and wisdom of¬†history's¬†greatest mystics. ‚Üď

‚úĒ¬†LIVE Monthly Masterclasses.¬†

We've hand-picked guest experts who are not only knowledgeable, but also live into their mystics spirituality. Indulge all your curiosities with live Q&A at the end! 

‚úĒ¬†Monthly Spiritual Practices.¬†

Each month you'll be able to listen to the words of that mystic--in their own voice! Receive a guided meditation to enter into divine presence.

‚úĒ¬†Meet the Mystic Summaries.¬†

Receive an at-a-glance summary of each mystics story, context, and what makes them such a badass!

‚úĒ¬†Private Community.

Discuss the mystics and your own journeys with other kindred spirits! If you choose the "Better" package, you'll be able to join a live small group and connect in the members-only forum.

‚úĒ¬†Personalized Reading Lists.

Hungry to dive deeper? Check out our recommended reading list, so you don’t have to sort through the plethora of books yourself.

¬†¬†‚úĒ World Renowned Speakers.

Learn from top-notch contemplative teachers like James Finley, Ronald Rolheiser, Laurence Freeman, and more!

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You'll receive 18 hours of course time and 12 hours of discussion.

‚úĒ¬†All the best formation, all in one place.¬†

No need to trudge through translations on your own. Meet each of these modern mystics in a fresh and full-bodied way! 

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The Eco-Spiritual Priest

Thomas Berry & the Communion of All


Welcome to a rich encounter with one of the visionaries of this Earth moment. Sage, monk, shaman, poet, geologian, path-finder and guide to a new Earth future - the world-class seer Thomas Berry embodies and teaches a way to realize our cosmic vocation by way of a New Story and an urgent summons to take up The Great Work of healing our desolating relationship with Earth by embodying a cosmology of peace.

Meet the wisdom keeper of the age to come as we practice our way into new modes of intimacy and communion with all our kin in this still unfolding, mysterious universe.


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Presented by Kathleen Deignan


Kathleen Noone Deignan, CND, PhD is a sister of the Congregation of Notre Dame and Professor Emerita of Religious Studies at Iona University where she taught from 1980 ‚Äď 2021, and now serves as founding director of the Deignan Institute for Earth and Spirit, a multi-faceted project in support of the cultivation of global citizens for the emergence of a global ecological civilization.¬†

A GreenFaith Fellow since 2008 and recipient of its ‚ÄúSpirit Award,‚ÄĚ Dr. Deignan is an alumna of Fordham University where she studied with her mentor Thomas Berry earning a Master‚Äôs Degree in the History of Christian Spirituality and a Doctorate in Historical Theology.¬†

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What People are Saying about Our Courses:

"Sending heartfelt gratitude. I've found a home where I hear the language of the soul."

- Carmella D.
"The materials presented are marvelous… I almost became overwhelmed with the quality of the presentation. Top notch! Needed time to digest the information... I am grateful for each and every speaker."

- Mary


mazing! Literally brought tears and an enveloping peace!"

- Carol P.

"This series is wonderful. Like a good book that I can't put down."


- Zeke F.

World Renowned Speakers

James Finley

Popular Contemplative Teacher & Student of Thomas Merton 

Lerita Coleman Brown

Spiritual Director & Howard Thurman Expert

Ronald Rolheiser

Award-winning Author & Popular Speaker

Laurence Freeman 

Director of the World Community for Christian Meditation

Carl McColman

Contemplative Speaker & Author of The Big Book of Christian Mysticism 

Robert Ellsberg 

Activist, Publisher, & Author of Dearest Sister Wendy 

Kaira Jewel Lingo

Buddhist Teacher & Former Nun in Thich Nhat Hahn's Community

Dan Miller

Spiritual Director, Retreat Leader, & Abraham Heschel Expert

Adam Bucko

Interspiritual Pioneer, Author, & Episcopal Priest

Bill White

Lakota Deacon and Vice-Postulator for Nicholas Black Elk's Sainthood

Kathleen Deignan

Eco-Theologian and Songwriter of Sacred Music

Ken Hood

Poet, Pastor, and Spiritual Companion

Your Curriculum Includes: 

Caryll Houselander

The Chainsmoking Eccentric with Carl McColman


Nicholas Black Elk

The Lakota Healer with Bill White


Thomas Merton

The Interspiritual Pioneer with James Finley


Simone Weil

The Deep Feeling Activist with Laurence Freeman


Abraham Heschel

The Apostle of Astonishment with Dan Miller


Howard Thurman

The Spiritual Father of the Civil Rights Movement with Lerita Coleman Brown


Thich Nhat Hanh

The Father of Engaged Buddhism with Kaira Jewel Lingo


Mary Oliver

The Poet Who Prayed with Birds with Ken Hood


Henri Nouwen

The Light of Tenderness with Ronald Rolheiser


Bede Griffiths

The Hindu-Benedictine Monk with Adam Bucko

MAY 11 | 9AM PST/12PM EST 

Sister Wendy Beckett

The Hermit Art Critic with Robert Ellsberg


Thomas Berry

The Eco-Spiritual Priest with Kathleen Deignan



12 of History's Greatest Modern Mystics.

12 of the world's most revered spiritual teachers.
All in one course. 

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  • A LIVE 90 minute Monthly Masterclass on a different modern¬†mystic
  • Recommended Reading List
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  • Private Community¬†
  • LIVE monthly small group discussions
  • Discussion partners
  • A LIVE 90 minute Monthly Masterclass on a different modern¬†mystic
  • Recommended Reading List
  • Meet the Mystic Summary
  • Guided Spiritual Practice
  • Video recordings to watch at your convenience
  • Class¬†audio file for easy listening
  • Downloadable class transcript¬†
  • Renowned Guest Speakers
  • BONUS course on¬†Mysticism
  • Pay in full and get one month FREE + Lifetime Access! (click here)
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1:1 Formation




Each Month You'll Receive 

  • Private Community

  • LIVE monthly small group discussions

  • Discussion partners

  • 1-on-1 Spiritual Direction each month

  • Psycho-Spiritual Maturity Assessment

  • A LIVE 90 minute Monthly Masterclass on a different modern¬†mystic
  • Recommended Reading List
  • Meet the Mystic Summary
  • Guided Spiritual Practice
  • Video recordings to watch at your convenience
  • Class¬†audio file for easy listening
  • Downloadable class transcript¬†
  • Renowned Guest Speakers
  • BONUS course on¬†Mysticism
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‚úĒ¬†How to tell if you're called to the mystical life

‚úĒ¬†The difference between meditation and contemplation

‚úĒ¬†How to pray contemplative prayer (includes a demo!)

"This is exactly the wild adventure I've been looking to be part of. I LOVE it. This course has been so enriching.

I'm turning 80 this next year and I feel like I've just been born anew into the world of mysticism. Where have you been all my life?"

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Kelly Deutsch


Kelly is the founder and bestselling author of Spiritual Wanderlust. A former nun, Kelly is passionate about supporting others on the path to divine union. She has facilitated popular programs such as The Women Mystics School, The Celtic Spirituality School, and the worldwide Contemplative Summit. She speaks internationally and writes on the intersection of mysticism, neuroscience, emotional intelligence, and embodiment.

"Kelly has a gift for making the deepest truths edible.

Highly recommended."


- Richard Rohr

Ready to go off-roading with 12 modern mystics?

ūüßė Have you ever been curious what gives Buddhist monks such peace?

ūüćÉ Or what it looks like to indigenize your spirituality?

ūüĆ≤ Have you ever pondered finding a mentor in a pine tree or a pond?¬†

ūüĎ©‚Äć‚öĖÔłŹ Or how you might weave together activism with a contemplative life?

Learn from the spiritual rebels of the last century‚ÄĒNicholas Black Elk, Howard Thurman, Simone Weil, Thomas Berry, and more‚ÄĒand receive uncommon wisdom from a plethora of traditions.



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